We had gotten back from a road trip through Nevada in the spring of 2012. Of course we drove on dirt roads, with the windows open sometimes. My lil SUV was filthy inside and out. My dog had scratched the dusty car door with his claws by putting his front feet on the door. I had one day home from vacation before I had to go back to work. I needed someone last minute to clean my car. I didn’t have time to sit at a detailer’s shop. Shine By Design was able to give me a last-minute appointment. He did a FANTASTIC job! He arrived on-time, got my SUV all shiny, removed the dog scratches, AND got all the dog hair out. It looked new. 🙂

Paul at Shine by Design came and detailed my parents car and my car right in our driveway today. The price was reasonable and he did a phenomenal job. Both cars are older and they look like new. He spent four hours on each car. We were very pleased and I would highly recommend him.


…you did a perfect job with the Volvo. thanks.
L.M. Bainbridge Island

Great detail job and I appreciate it.
B.T. Bainbridge Island

I can’t say how overjoyed and happy I am with the job done on my Corvette. I highly recommend him and I’ll use his services on a regular basis! Thanks!!


You did a fantastic job. Everyone who’s seen the car is green with envy…you’re the best!
D.B. Port Orchard